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The Vampire Book of the Month Club
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 12
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Vampire Book of the Month Club's story starts to unfold when best selling book author Nora meets a handsome stranger at a book signing and becomes obsessed. Nora meets Reese, the stranger, again, at he exclusive, private school and finds that there is more to him than she had previously thought. After one of Nora's snobby classmates begins acting strange after some time alone with Reese, Nora and her best friend Abby investigate and find that  her handsome stranger turns out to be a vampire, and he will stop at nothing to force Nora to write a new story, but why? Racing against time to finish the story, Nora faces off against a deadly truth within the lines of her own typing. Join Nora as she writes her own story, and sees her destiny.


Vampire Book of the Month Club is a story within a story. It is pure genius to make an author a part of the story and put mystery and horror as a side effect to accentuate the book. The idea that a heroine is willing to do anything to help the people she loves is not new, but it is this kind of classic writing with a modern twist that makes this book so compelling to read. Fans of ages 8+ would almost certainly love this book. I hope you enjoy the unknown in this book, because you never know... Who else is lurking among us? Happy Reading!
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Content rating - some mature content

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There is some violence that may or may not be inappropriate for certain ages such as fighting taken to the extremes.

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