The LitPick Content Rating

LitPick feels that it is beneficial for readers and those selecting and recommending books to have some idea about the sexual, drug, and violent content of the books they are considering. LitPick book reviews, in addition to rating each book on a 1 - 5 star scale depending on how our reviewer enjoyed a book, also rate each book's content. Our content rating helps people determine the appropriateness of a particular book for a particular reader or group of readers. Our content rating system does not deal with the reading level of the book, only the content of the book.

smileThis book contains nothing that would be considered offensive. It is generally absent of violence, sex, drugs, swearing, and crude comments. 



This book may contain some violence, profanity, sexual comments, and references to drugs and alcohol. Parents, teachers, and librarians may want to read these books before recommending them to a student. 


smile This book is suggested for mature readers only and contains material that is deemed unsuitable for children to young teens. These books can contain sexual situations, extreme profanity, and extreme violence.


smileThis book is faith-based and the story or content is written from a religious perspective. This book may stress morals and integrity, along with its message about the importance of faith and worship.