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"LitPick has been an amazing website for me. I have loved reading and reviewing books on it ever since I joined. I love being able to not only read enjoyable books with words that can increase my vocabulary, but also be able to write reviews for them, which greatly helps me pay more attention to my wording and such. I like how once I finish reading the book I can keep it for as long as I want so that I may re-read it later."

"LitPick has been an amazing site since the beginning, and I am excited to see what else I will be reviewing for it in the future."
ToShu0911 - California

"LitPick is very special to me because they have given me a voice to express myself. I am able to respectfully express my thoughts through writing book reviews. What I love about LitPick is that they offer so many books from different genres that I am able to immerse myself in every type of book imaginable. I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to be a part of LitPick."
snehayamsani - Iowa

"I love everything about LitPick! The variety of books to read and genres is awesome; if you can't find something on LitPick to read, you didn't want to read at all."
KK – Indiana

"LitPick has been a phenomenal experience for me. For months I enjoyed reading the teen book reviews that my peers had written about new and upcoming books that I couldn't wait to check out at the library. When I found that I had an opportunity to review YA books of my own, I was thrilled. Becoming a reviewer for LitPick has enhanced and broadened the types of literature I read. I am so glad to be part of such a great community in which people from around the world enjoy the wonders of reading."
MW - Massachusetts : )

"I love LitPick. Not only do I have an opportunity to benefit from the free books I receive, but I also get to improve my reading and writing skills. I think that LitPick encourages young adults to read because they have a chance to see what other young people think about books. I feel it is an excellent reading and writing program, and I am honored to be a student book reviewer."
KL – California

"Your book reviews for teens are great.  I also like that you always talk about new teen books and then also show student book reviews on these books.  You really have a lot of teen books to read on LitPick. Thanks!"
DR - New Jersey

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