LitPick Book Reviews: Solution

LitPick Book Reviews Addresses the Lack of Interest in Reading Books
Among Today's Adults and Students

Todat teens on their mobile phones and not reading books
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North America, South America, Europe, Australia - everywhere people are distracted by their mobile phones, sports, entertainment, and outdoor activities, and they find it hard to make the time to read a book. I took this picture in Verona, Italy and it has been downloaded over 12,000 times on because it resonates with so many of us today. In fact, a survey in 2019 among adults found that 27% had not read any books at all in the past year.[1]

Why is it important to read?

Reading helps us expand our minds and knowledge.

Reading improves our creativity.  

Reading can enhance our personal growth and mental health.

And of course, reading can be just plain fun.

LitPick promotes reading and writing globally. The International Literacy Association estimates that 12% of the world’s population is functionally illiterate.[2] For years, we have been enrolling students and adults across the world as book reviewers and sending them books to read and review. To help improve their writing, these reviews are critiqued by people proficient in grammar, spelling, and language arts. Through this reading and writing process using book reviews, we have helped people become more confident in their literacy and helped them in their careers.

How LitPick Helps

LitPick Book Reviews reaches out and engages adults and students in a social community that is based on free reading books and reviewing. It's a place on the Internet where opinions are valued. We believe that by making reading a fun, engaging, and empowering experience, LitPick helps people become better readers and writers.

Additionally, LitPick is a community where book buyers, librarians, authors, publishers, educators, and parents can find out what readers of a particular audience actually think about books written for them.  

We love spreading the love of reading and writing as well as connecting authors with readers!