LitPick Book Reviews: Mission

To Promote 
Reading and Writing 

LitPick’s mission is to inspire adults and students of all ages - preteens, teens, and young adults - to read books and become better writers.

Through our interactive online free reading and writing program, LitPick’s mission is to inspire students to read and write

Our mission is also to let you read for free the opinions of reviewers about the books written for them – after all, who better to evaluate a book and tell you what they like to read?  We strive to have adult books reviewed by adult reviewers and student books reviewed by student reviewers, but we do have some adult reviewers who enjoy picture books, middle grade, and young adult books -- as they are teachers and librarians who share recommendations with their students and purchase copies for their classroom libraries. 


Our mission is to provide you free reading of the opinions of students about the books written for them


We also provide our book reviews to authors and publishers who send our book reviewers their books to read for free. LitPick’s online presence then gives authors and publishers an opportunity to globally promote their books to readers and to influencers such as parents, librarians, and teachers.


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