Our Book Reviewing Cycle

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Help us promote reading and writing - LitPick book reviewers range in age from third grade into adulthood. Reviewers receive a complimentary copy of the book they review in exchange for an honest review.

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The LitPick Book Review Reading and Writing Program Cycle begins when a student or adult submits his or her application to become a LitPick book reviewer.  Once LitPick receives the reviewer’s application, it is evaluated.  If the person is accepted as a book reviewer, he or she uses their username and password to login to LitPick and select a new book to review from our list of available titles. These titles are sent to us by a variety of authors and pubishers who are looking for reviews.  Reviewers must directly submit their book requests online by logging into LitPick.

LitPick Student Book Reviews printable flyer for students, parents, and educators
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The LitPick Book Reviewing Cycle Step-by-Step

Step 1 (Requesting a book to review)

After receiving the reviewer’s book request, print books are sent to the reviewer by mail, or in the case of an eBook, by email. Reviewers usually receive the print book within 1 - 2 weeks after submitting their request. EBooks are usually downloaded immediately from our website.


Step 2 (Reviewing your book)

Reviewers are asked to read and submit their review within 4 - 6 weeks after receiving the book. Once the student's review is written, the student logs into LitPick and submits their review online. Reviews should follow a general format that includes a brief summary of the book and the reviewer's opinion. You can look at currently posted book reviews on LitPick for examples of our book review format. When reviewers log in to LitPick, they also receive instructions on how a review should be written.


Step 3 (Writing and submitting your review)

The review is then forwarded to their sponsor for evaluation prior to being accepted and posted online at LitPick. When a reviewer is not sponsored by a specific educator, the review is evaluated by a LitPick staff member who has a background in education.


The adult sponsor evaluating the reviewer’s review either accepts the review for posting on LitPick (occasionally making minor corrections to the review) or sends a message back to the reviewer with specific recommendations on how he or she should edit their review. Once the review is edited by the student, it is resubmitted for reevaluation and acceptance.


Step 4 (Repeat...)

After the review has been accepted and posted on LitPick, the reviewer can keep the book and then choose another book to review. While enrolled as a LitPick book reviewer, these students or adults can review an unlimited number of books.


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Note about students joining LitPick: We do not require a signed Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form from students for them to become LitPick book reviewers.  Instead of a consent form, each LitPick student book reviewer is required to have an adult sponsor who is responsible for overseeing the student's participation in LitPick.  We encourage all sponsors to request parental/legal guardian permission before enrolling students in LitPick.  LitPick promises to keep all personal information on LitPick student book reviewers and members strictly confidential, and we strongly encourage that all parents and legal guardians are aware of their child's participation in LitPick, and in general, monitor all of their online activity.

Here is a consent form that we have created for sponsors to use as needed. 
Printable LitPick Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form
Printable LitPick Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form (Spanish version)