The Reluctant Reckoner
The Reluctant Reckoner

One e-mail shatters Mark Richter’s world. An honest accountant who likes to keep it simple, he’s been at the same company for 23 years and prefers things the way they are: steady, with little excitement and even less change. His eight-year-old daughter, small suburban home, and reliable car are all he needs. But after that e-mail, everything is at risk. Somehow framed for a financial discrepancy that could send him to jail, at first he’s just bewildered. But when the crime mysteriously disappears as quickly as it emerged, it’s clear just how outmatched he really is. 

Then he’s kidnapped, blindfolded, and given three weeks to steal confidential information. He doesn’t know who the perpetrators are, what they need it for, or why they asked him. But he does learn that they know things about him. Personal things. Things they can’t possibly know…

When they threaten his daughter’s life, it feels like it can’t possibly get worse. Enter the FBI. His life is infiltrated by agents demanding that he try to outsmart the savvy criminals or else, the only person he could trust suddenly disappears, and he discovers who the thieves really are. Corruption and deception surrounding him from every angle, it can and does get worse for The Reluctant Reckoner. A lot worse. 

The deadline is approaching.

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  • Mystery

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  • Adult
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Imagine you are a middle class single parent, raising an 8-year old daughter after tragically losing your wife to cancer, working a 9 – 5 job for the past 23 years as an accountant.  Suddenly you are confronted by domestic terrorists who want you to steal secrets from your company which will help them extort millions from your company’s clients to fund their criminal ways. 

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