Flying Boats and Spies
Flying Boats & Spies
Flying Boats and Spies
1935! The winds of war have begun to fan the flames of conflict across the Pacific. As Nick Grant tries to support his mother and sister during the depression, he's swept into a deadly contest between spies struggling to control the Pacific Ocean. Nick's life abruptly changes the moment Anne Lindbergh offers him a month's wages to deliver a mysterious map case to Bill Grooch aboard the tramp steamer, the SS North Haven. Desperate for money, Nich agrees. Suddenly the map case and Grooch catapult him into a quiet, but deadly cat and mouse game between US and Japanese spies. Nick becomes a vital player in a mission spanning the Pacific Ocean: a mission vital to US security as well as a mortal danger to Japan.

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  • Adventure
  • Historical Fiction

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  • Any Age
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Nick Grant is a 16 year old boy struggling to keep his family out of debt during the time of the great depression. When Anne Lindberg offers him a months wages just to deliver a map case to Bill Grooch, he finds himself accepted as a Pan American employee! But he must keep his identity a secret - no one under 18 can be an employee! And then there is always the problem of a Japanese Ninja on his tail wanting to kill him!

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