Don't Feed The Bully
Don't Feed The Bully
Don't Feed The Bully
Brad Tassell
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Don't Feed the Bully is a fictional detective story aimed at students 10-14, although, anyone who can read will love this funny and meaningful story. Hannibal Greatneck III, detective, sixth grade student, or Handy to his friends, walks into William B. Travis elementary and finds a cage in the middle of the classroom. The school has dealt with its bully problem by handing over all the power to another bully. Handy must find the clues, outwit the villains, and get control of William B. Travis back to the students and faculty. The story is a funny one with hilarious and serious undertones, but with great purpose. Review "Brad presents a story filled with humor and compassion to help lay out an approach to bullying that goes beyond "just let them work it out together," as is often proposed. In the Appendix, he also offers a practical step-by-step plan to help students use their intelligence to deal with bullies, similar to the way the book's main character dealt with his tormentors." --Gary Cassel, "If you're tired of the bully who's making school unbearable for your child, you might want to heed the words of author/comedian Brad Tassell:Don't Feed the Bully." --Rebecca Courdret, Evansville Courier-Journal. "Don't Feed The Bully is a quick read that kids will be able to relate to. Important lessons are taught, but the book still manages to be funny and entertaining! Even reluctant readers will enjoy this book, with its fun characters and the mystery that is the center of the story. Most of the pictures are a great addition to the story. Just because there are pictures doesn't make this a book for little kids, though; everyone will enjoy this story! --J. Pear, student reviewer Reviewer Age: 15 Asheville, NC USA About the Author

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Hannibal Greatneck III is a detective. Handy finds he has some work to do as a sixth grade transfer student in his new school, William B Travis elementary. His new school has a very different idea of what to do about bullies. Handy notices this soon after entering the school--it would be hard to miss. There is a cage, where the bully Ralphie is made to sit, in the middle of the classroom. The power to stop the bullies is given to wimpy Kurt, and that power can be used another become a bully. People in school are scared, and Handy has to figure out why and fix it.

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Hannibal "Handy" Greatneck III, a boy detective, moves to a new school. There he discovers an unusual sight. There is a cage in the classroom, and all the students seem to be afraid of a puny Kurt Pesterman. When Handy tries to expose Kurt's misuse of power to the teachers, Kurt frames Handy in an attempt to get Handy in deep trouble. Don't Feed the Bully is a humorous story with a very good moral.

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