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Better You Than Me is a book about two 12-year-old girls who live two completely different lives. Ruby Rivera is a teen icon, an actor on her hit show "Ruby and the Lamp," and she's a singer. Her life is in the public eye, and she hates her life. Skylar Welshman is a normal teenage girl.

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A Heart in a Body in the World is about a girl named Annabelle. In the past year, Annabelle has been through so much trama and depression that she doesn't know how she's going to get through this. When she decides that she’s going to run from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C., her friends and family are there to help her along the way. As she runs across the country, through mountain passes and across flat plains, she is never able to forget about what The Taker took from her.

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Watch Hollow is the story of Oliver and Lucy Tinker. A man named Mr. Quigley asks Charles Tinker (Oliver and Lucy's father) to fix a broken clock at a house he bought called Blackford House, which is located in Watch Hollow. The Tinkers accept.

When they come to Blackford House, they find that the lot on which the house is built is surrounded by an unusual forest called the Shadow Woods. Upon coming into the house (which is in awful condition) they spot a huge, unmoving clock that has animal-shaped holes where the numbers were supposed to be.

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Joey Kinkaid is the princess of Baker Street, and Eric Sinclair is the prince. They have been close friends since they were little, and now the terrors and troubles of middle school are tearing them apart. Joey does not make an easy friend; he comes to school dressed in the fashion of most girls with leggings, lip gloss, and a pink silk scarf. Eric, troubled by his lack of parenting and guidance at home, forces himself under the radar despite his wishes to help Joey so that no one finds out he lives alone.

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When they were younger, Joey was the Princess of Baker Street and Eric was the knight, and it was perfectly normal. But as they got older, the kids of Baker Street started to realize there was something different about Joey, something strange about a boy pretending to be a princess, and not all of them liked it.


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