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Jake just wants to be a cool sixth grader. One day, he gets invited to the “cool kids' table” at lunch with Amanda, Tony, and Darryl, who are new students that moved into Jake’s town. Crazy animals start attacking all of them, and Jake is very confused. Tony, Amanda, and Darryl use magic and tell Jake that they are from a different world and Amanda is a princess in the world. They fight Prince Badood who is trying to take over the throne in the world.

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When Charles and Marie fall in love, they have a beautiful baby, Ella. When Ella turns five, her mother Marie becomes terribly sick. When Marie passes, Charles and Ella are by themselves until Charles has an idea of marrying another woman. The woman he marries has two daughters. Ella is excited to have a mother again and two sisters, but her heart is crushed when they are terrible and mean to her. When the handsome Prince Andrew is looking for a bride, her stepmother doesn't allow her to go to the ball that Prince Andrew is hosting.

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Cycles of the Phoenix by C.A. Nicholas is an interconnected collection of fantasy stories (in three books) that are told through the eyes of characters who are facing very real mental, emotional, and physical struggles. 

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The Splendid Secrets of 66 Lilly Pilly Lane starts in a diamond mine with a blind girl named Chia. She is digging diamonds for her evil stepmother Pricilla. The story continues with a rescue for Chia, and she ends up at 66 Lilly Pilly Lane. There, some creatures help her and give her a great gift, but she remembers her sister is at the castle and asks her new friends to help rescue her. The friends have one condition: they want Pricilla’s heart. The rest of the story involves rescues, escapes, and magical creatures. Read the book to find out all the details!


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