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Emma displays a personality of being peaceful and withdrawn. Up until this point, she has tried to stay quiet and out of other people’s business. But soon she finds out that her life is not ordinary. Being in the center of an old conflict amongst a group of deities called Eidolons is where she finds herself. Her primary job will be to ensure the protection of the planet. However, going through the process of awakening is what she must face. It would be simple is she knew what it was all about. All she knows is that she is very powerful.

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A Properly Unhaunted Place is a book about a girl named Rosa Diaz and her mom, who are ghost appeasement specialists. They move to Ingot, a town that is known for no hauntings or ghosts. They wonder why and how that could be. Rosa does not like it in Ingot, and her new "house," which is a basement below the Ingot Public Library, doesn't meet her standards because there are no windows and no natural light. On the other hand, Jasper Chevalier was born, raised, and lived in Ingot. He is new to ghosts since there are none in his town.

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Jeremy Austin and the Paladin is the continuing adventure of Jeremy Austin and the other TerraGen kids that came to planet Genesis. Ever since entering Genesis, the TerraGen kids have faced nothing except hardships and death. Now, the stakes are getting even higher. With the Shadow Lord aware of Jeremy being on Genesis and the Paladin having arrived, the Shadow Lord is sending his armies after Jeremy and his companions. Along the way, the kids eventually split up after an incident, putting the kids in even more danger than ever before.


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