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Author Dorriah Rogers shares her life story cemented in a traumatic childhood in Twine: A Memoir. Jumping around from childhood to her college years to adulthood, Rogers shares the harshest and most heartbreaking details of her life.

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Have you ever had your enemy take your bestie away from you? Well, that’s what happens to Evie. Her enemy enters her school and is challenging her for her spot in the school and the town. Evie is a witch, and she has to win the magic competition to stay at her human school. She comes up with an evil, nasty, creepy, and gross magic trick. (To her advantage, she can use real magic and not a lame card trick.) Little does she know, the kids do not want to be scared; they want a nice performance (scare-free). After screams, cries, and giggles, the competition ends.

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The Magic of Meliwick Orchard is a wonderful story about a girl whose life has been flipped upside down. Not only has her little sister gotten sick but her parents have forgotten about her in the process. Isa's parents don't notice when her shoes grow gaping holes and when she wears the same clothes over and over. They don't even remember to pick her up from school sometimes. One day, she takes a hike into the 'haunted' orchard behind their home and finds a chance seedling. She buries her shoes there because they are pretty worthless.

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The Splendid Secrets of 66 Lilly Pilly Lane starts in a diamond mine with a blind girl named Chia. She is digging diamonds for her evil stepmother Pricilla. The story continues with a rescue for Chia, and she ends up at 66 Lilly Pilly Lane. There, some creatures help her and give her a great gift, but she remembers her sister is at the castle and asks her new friends to help rescue her. The friends have one condition: they want Pricilla’s heart. The rest of the story involves rescues, escapes, and magical creatures. Read the book to find out all the details!


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