Growing Up
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Annie might seem like a normal sixteen-year-old girl, but she has a big secret. She is very close to a half-angel named Aaan, who has become a very important part of her life! In the final book of the Stones of Bothynus Trilogy, we pick up soon after the previous book finished, where there are still lots of mysteries surrounding the three stones. This time, Annie, her sister (Red), Red’s boyfriend (Erik), and Aaan all must deal with the consequences of having these stones.

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Chapel Ryan has never been an ordinary girl. Her father died when she was very young, leaving her with hallucinations that her mother and therapist chalked up to PTSD. After years of therapy, Chapel thought she was cured, but soon after the mysterious and handsome Isaiah Halstead moves to town, her hallucinations start up again. With Isaiah at her side, Chapel soon realizes that there is more to her hallucinations than she originally thought. As she digs deeper, she learns that no one around her is as honest as they initially seemed.

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Annie adores Aaan, her half-angel friend. But she only has a few weeks to spend with him. She convinces Aaan to come along with her and escape from his dwelling at the cave. Though trouble always seems to find Annie. A war is silently raging in the Angel Realm. Will Annie and Aaan make it out? Read this final installment in The Stones of Bothynus Trilogy to find out!


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Time Traitor by Todd McClimans is a riveting tale of misadventure, greed, history, and friendship.

Kristi Connors and Ty Jordan have almost nothing in common except that they both attend the same boarding school, George Washington Prep. And they both have the same history teacher, Dr. Xavier Arnold. One day, after Kristi pulls one of her many practical jokes on Dr. Arnold, she is placed in detention. Following a series of unfortunate events, Kristi discovers one of Dr. Arnold’s big secrets: he has been building and perfecting a time machine!

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Josie Sedgwick and Mitchell Morrison have known each other since they were six years old, the only kids their age in the Indian Paintbrush Community Village for Sustainable Living, a place where the entire community lives in cabins, electronics are banned, and they grow produce to provide for most of the community.

The pair are best friends – they’ve done everything together since the day they met up to now, their senior year. It’s time for them to think about life after their graduation, and they couldn’t have more different opinions.

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Royal Blue is a wonderful sequel to True Blue. Jeana Russell, Mickey Royal, Wade Strickland, and Billy Jo DuBose are back and are at Vigor High School. Mickey moved back to Alabama in March after his dad died of cancer. On his first day of school, he talks to Jeana for the first time and is still totally entranced by her looks and personality. After school, they fall right off the deep end and are totally in love. Wade has gone from a sweet sixth grader to a high school football phenom, which sets him on track for violence with Mickey, a three-sport jock.
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In You Gotta Have Heart by Bruce Bernstein, the main character, Alan, is an orphan in an orphanage that has a very long name, so the boys living in it just call it The Home. 

Alan’s parents died in a car crash, and to add to the pain, The Home is also where two bullies named Frankie and Jack live. Alan is tired of Frankie and Jack picking on his roommate, Chris, and himself, so he joins a karate dojo to learn how to fight back. 


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