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Set in the 1990s, Into the Closets follows Aurelia, a young woman who applies for a job at Buckingham Palace as a data entry processor to help catalogue the royal art collection. It’s not her dream job by any means but one that she hopes will lead to future opportunities. It’s also not the most interesting job, despite the location. Her boyfriend, Nick, however, disagrees, hoping to use Aurelia’s connections as opportunities to write feature freelance articles to further his journalism career.

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Emma displays a personality of being peaceful and withdrawn. Up until this point, she has tried to stay quiet and out of other people’s business. But soon she finds out that her life is not ordinary. Being in the center of an old conflict amongst a group of deities called Eidolons is where she finds herself. Her primary job will be to ensure the protection of the planet. However, going through the process of awakening is what she must face. It would be simple is she knew what it was all about. All she knows is that she is very powerful.

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Living past 17 and your deathdate is good right? Well, not if you're Denton Little, and it means being chased by the DIA (Death Invenstigation Agency) and having to possibly betray good friends, and your mom, who he just met, and who was supposed to be dead too. Can Denton run away from the DIA long enough for the news to settle down? Will the news ever settle down?


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