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Cedar was found in the forest by the foot of a large cedar tree when she is just a baby, found by Sara and Keven Montgomery, who take her home and house her as their own. She later names the large cedar tree, the one she was found under, Stella. On her first day of school, she meets Phillip, who becomes her only friend. Cedar later convinces Phillip to join the Order of the Trees, a club that only Cedar had been in before the two friends met.

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Rad Girls Can is a book about amazing young women who have stepped up in their communities and countries to make a difference. Rad Girls Can touches on 91 stories, some are short, a paragraph or two, and some are long, spanning two to three pages. The book also has stories about different ethnic groups, races, religions, and more! Some of the stories are about women many of us have hear of, like Anne Frank, Lorde, Ruby Bridges, Helen Keller, and others.

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A Secret in the Forest begins at an enchanted gateway between two worlds, ushering readers into the conflict between the world of humans and the world of fairies.

Lily Kingman, of the human world, harbors deep secrets passed down through the generations of her family. Dreamer, of the fairy world, drifts between the two worlds, trying to protect Lily from the threats of Victor (a human) while undergoing an enormous change within himself.

Will Lily and Dreamer’s romance survive the conflict between their two worlds? 


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War World by Rod C. Spence is about the future in which new technology has been invented and the leading company, TerraGen, has it all. Six TerraGen workers’ kids go to the exact same school and have always been called The TerraGen Kids. Their parents are some of the leading scientists in the United States of America. When two of the scientists team up and design a working wormhole, a portal to another planet millions of light years away, an expedition is started away from prying eyes.

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All is Assuredly Well is a delightful story told from the point of view of a king and his partner. They wish to have a child, so they pray to the blue star to give them a baby princess. After praying many days, a strange thing occurs to the star and the King follows it on an allegorical journey to reach his daughter. It compiles the complexities of adopting into a neat and charming story for children. There are many obstacles on the King's journey, but the colorful backdrop shows the joy and determination of the King on his quest. 

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Simple Machines narrates the story of Jack, a brilliant squirrel who tries to save his forest from destruction.

The construction machines are always working. Always destroying. Always moving closer and closer to Jack’s home. Even as they inch closer, the forest animals hold out hope that they will stop before hitting their home. When the machines get too close, however, Jack decides to take action against them.

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In the book Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines, a squirrel named Jack learns from a boy named Collin how the 1st simple machine, the wheel, is used. Later, Jack sees his forest dealing with an onslaught of human-made machines trying to build some houses. Jack assembles all the animals together and tells them how they can use his knowledge to stop the machines from destroying their home. Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines is the first book in the Evolution Revolution series and is all about stopping the man-made machines.

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Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines is a story of a highly intelligent squirrel, Jack, and his mission to save his forest. Machines have been cutting down trees across the road from Jack's home for weeks. One day the machines cross the road and start taking down Jack's forest. Jack must think of a way to save his forest and all his friends. He meets with a friendly human in a wheelchair and learns that the wheels in the big, scary machines can be stopped by jamming rocks in them.


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