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I ran to the mountains. There, I met a singing goat who gave me bread and water. What would you do with this gift from an unlikely source? See how to make the most of what you are given in this cute short story for early readers.

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There once was a frog who was very sad. Every day he would sit on his lily pad and look sadly at the water. A friendly Dragonfly flew by and asked why he was so sad. Froggy said that every time he looked in the water, he was so sad. He said everyone ignored him, like he was a lump of clay. The Dragonfly said he should be proud for swimming in water, for no one else could. The frog began to smile, and he thanked the Dragonfly for his help, and spread his love around.

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One day, all the animals are napping, except Bentley the Hippo. While Bentley is eating ice cream, he hears someone laughing. Who is laughing? He follows the sound to the trees and finds the other hippos. He asks if he can play with them, but the other hippos completely ignore him like he isn’t there. The hippos are mad that Bentley is friends with the monkeys because the monkeys throw bananas at the hippos.

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When you hear the word investing, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Are you confused because you’re not sure of what it is? Interested, but not sure where to start? Or are you like most, completely uninterested? Either way, Alex Richwagen, author of Investing Should be Easy: Why Investing Works: A Practical Guide for the Everday Consumer, has something for everyone, no matter what stage you are at when it comes to investing. Richwagen’s book is step-by-step and easy to follow, whether you are new or a well-versed investor.

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The Boggart Fights Back is about two kids named Jay and Allie.  Their parents own a store along the bay. When Mr. Trout wants to buy all of the land around Castle Keep, an old castle that has been around for a long time, they find out he will demolish the store with it.

The Boggart is a mischief-making, shape-shifting, and invisible creature. He likes to keep “his people” safe. When he sees all the problems Mr. Trout is causing, what will he do?



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