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Author Dorriah Rogers shares her life story cemented in a traumatic childhood in Twine: A Memoir. Jumping around from childhood to her college years to adulthood, Rogers shares the harshest and most heartbreaking details of her life.

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Twine is a poignant memoir centered around Dorriah Rogers as she shares the most honest and eye-opening moments in her life. She gives the readers her soul, inviting them into a world filled with dysfunction, abuse, and as puzzling as it may seem, love. Rogers unpacks her baggage and states, “It was the telling of this story that allowed me to remove that backpack of horrors from my shoulders. It was the writing of the words, the release of the shame, that was ultimately cathartic and healing.”

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The Magic of Meliwick Orchard is a wonderful story about a girl whose life has been flipped upside down. Not only has her little sister gotten sick but her parents have forgotten about her in the process. Isa's parents don't notice when her shoes grow gaping holes and when she wears the same clothes over and over. They don't even remember to pick her up from school sometimes. One day, she takes a hike into the 'haunted' orchard behind their home and finds a chance seedling. She buries her shoes there because they are pretty worthless.

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If you've lost your school project, your gym bag, or even your Game Boy, just go to Jeremy Wilderson! A retrieval specilist who's always looking for a job, Jeremy is one who isn't afraid to take a lot of risks. He gets a lot of business, and his only problem is Becca Mills, who is a detective. When a job turns into a mishap, and the biggest bully in the school gets the master key to all the lockers in the entire school, Jeremy is desperate enough to turn to the one person he thought he never would—Becca Mills.

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College is hard enough without the stress of endlessly looking for and applying to jobs. Luckily, in Get Hired: For College Students, J. J. Scardino demystifies the job-hunting process and provides concrete steps and tips on not only how to make the job search easier, but also how to come out of it with a job. The majority of college students have no clue how the recruitment process works, and with the use of new technology to streamline the screening process, the recruitment process is much different than when our parents were looking for their first jobs. J. J.

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In Get Hired: For College Students, J.J. Scardino first gives background into WHY such a book is necessary to assist college students ready for the career market.


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