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Kale Oswald and Julian Mendez share more in common than they think; they both want to be someone else. As Kale joins the local human rights organization to fulfill his life as a hippie, Julian Mendez is scared for his future as Julia, a transgender woman. When Kale meets Julian, he becomes confused about his sexuality and who he really wants to be. While Julian begins his transition into becoming a woman, Kale realizes that maybe he is wanting to be a hippie and activist for all the wrong reasons.

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Despite going to the same school, Kale Oswald and Julian Mendez have no idea the other exists.
Self-proclaimed hippie Kale Oswald hopes that by joining a human rights organization, he will finally feel like he belongs. Instead, he must face the confusion of his own sexuality. In between tie-dying his T-shirts with organic dye and dealing with his “annoying” cousin Hughie, Kale tries to understand his feelings for Julian.
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Jess has always been quieter than her identical twin, Anna. Anna has always been the likeable one – outgoing, confident, and athletic. Jess has always been awkward and unapproachable. However, Jess believes that they share an inseparable bond. That is, until Anna is found dead just outside her bedroom window.

Everyone tries to tell Jess that it was just an accident, but Jess knows better. There are too many questions and not enough answers. Why would Anna be sneaking out at night? Was she seeing somebody? Nothing seems to be adding up. Will Jess figure it out?

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Chatham Claiborne is unlike any other girl that Josh has met. She’s feisty, secretive, and mysterious. Josh falls hard for Chatham. But then news starts to resurface about the murder of a young girl by the name of Rachel that happened 12 years prior. Josh starts suspecting that maybe Chatham had something to do with it or that maybe she knew something. Will Josh find out the truth in time?

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Greer MacDonald is a new student at St. Aiden the Great School (STAGS). Right away she realizes she doesn’t fit in. She’s not one of the “it” girls, who call themselves Medievals. So when she is invited to a weekend retreat of “huntin’ shootin’ fishin,’” she is beyond surprised. She is flattered that she may finally become a Medieval. However, things slowly start making less sense, and Greer starts to question everything around her. It seems that the Medievals are out for blood… and not just animals’.

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All Hannah wants is to put her past behind her. But that feels almost impossible when it seems to chase her no matter where she goes. Then people start accusing Hannah of doing things she doesn’t ever remember doing. With an already overprotective mom, these happenings put Hannah on more of a lockdown than she was already experiencing. Is it simply memory loss or something more? Something sinister?

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Code Red is the second book of Janie Chodosh's Faith Flores Science Mysteries. Faith Flores is a problem-solving, case-cracking girl from Philly. She never lets anything get in her way of finding out the truth, but when she gets an internship in Santa Fe, difficulties occur.

Faith attempts to handle a love triangle, family drama, and her mysterious father...all while investigating the murder of a girl she met at a party.  She finds out that the death is linked to a recent drug identified as liquid gold.


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