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Greta and her friend Mari are going into the sixth grade this year! But when they get to the first day of school, that's when disaster strikes. Tiffy, the "boss of the whole sixth grade," is the bully, from flipping her hair to talking trash about her peers. But will Greta and Mari survive their sixth-grade year with the bullies and adjusting? They aren't even in the same classes! Find out the answer by reading Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade by Ann Herrick.

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Seanna has had a dark red birthmark on her chin her whole life. As much as she hates it, she’s learned that people judge her based on the mark on her face. But behind that birthmark lies an unbelievable amount of power. Her birthmark gives her pyrokinetic abilities that Seanna has no idea how to control. And on top of that, she has outgrown the orphanage that's been her only home. Forced to leave, she can only imagine what comes next from the rumors she heard while growing up. Will Seanna learn how to control her powers once and for all? 

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The Surrendered is a book about Vera Delancourt and her crazy experiences. After the Black Forty happened, all the nations' governments collapse. In its place arises a sort of communistic government in the USA. Families are now taxed for any child they have aged 8 or above. If a family cannot pay the tax for that child, the child is taken to a slave camp, or Millhouse, to work off the debt. The children are set free at age 18.

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Through colloquial writing and an extensively constructed backdrop, Andrew Orange’s fantasy novel, The Game of VORs, depicts an oppressive imperial society while providing elements of our own world (past and present).

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could live in a magical world? When sixteen-year-old Ivy Lovely crosses a magical border that awakens her magical powers, it sends her on a wild adventure that will keep you reading.

Ivy begins at the Halls of Ivy magic school, where she makes friends and deals with obstacles to find out who she really is. Ivy's magical reality is jeopardized by the Dark Queen - read to find out what happens. 

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This story follows the life of Scott, a fifteen-year-old archeologist who’s always loved going on expeditions with his father, Dr. Romo. On Scott and Dr. Romo’s most recent expedition, Scott unearths a bag of magic stones in the cave systems of Uganda, Africa. From the first moment he touches the stones, he’s certain that they’re unique – they give him visions of smoke and fires blazing across a countryside, of women and children screaming, of war and bloodshed before his very eyes. 


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