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Greer MacDonald is a new student at St. Aiden the Great School (STAGS). Right away she realizes she doesn’t fit in. She’s not one of the “it” girls, who call themselves Medievals. So when she is invited to a weekend retreat of “huntin’ shootin’ fishin,’” she is beyond surprised. She is flattered that she may finally become a Medieval. However, things slowly start making less sense, and Greer starts to question everything around her. It seems that the Medievals are out for blood… and not just animals’.

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Macy has been defined as “disturbed.” While juggling her less-than-perfect home life, Macy continues to be herself despite what people think. With her father in prison and Child Protective Services on the prowl, everything seems to be going wrong all at once. Macy’s mother is barely there, and her brother has been taken by CPS. Join Macy in this gritty story and see her world through her eyes.

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The Unseen is a book continuing Crescenzo's (Enzo's) adventures. Following the last book, Enzo, Rosana, and Zach are trapped in Wonderland with no way of getting out. After freeing their friends from the gems, Enzo and Rosana are still as far away from their families as before. The evil Queen Avoria is now free, and the children are seemingly the last hope against her. Queen Avoria has grown extremely powerful, and it seems like she's unstoppable.

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Code Red is the second book of Janie Chodosh's Faith Flores Science Mysteries. Faith Flores is a problem-solving, case-cracking girl from Philly. She never lets anything get in her way of finding out the truth, but when she gets an internship in Santa Fe, difficulties occur.

Faith attempts to handle a love triangle, family drama, and her mysterious father...all while investigating the murder of a girl she met at a party.  She finds out that the death is linked to a recent drug identified as liquid gold.


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