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Of Giants and Ice (The Ever Afters)
by Shelby Bach
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 12
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When Rory passes people in the hallways, she can hear them whispering. She knows they are talking about her famous parents. No one cares about her as her own person. Rory is ready for her own identity! She gets this opportunity when she joins an after-school program called Ever After School. It is a school to train kids to be Characters in fairy tales. Rory is thrilled, but it is not all fun and easy. She has to deal with bullies, heavy swords, mean teachers, and even a real live dragon! The final test comes when she accompanies her new friend Lena on her tale. As she struggles to help Lena accomplish her mission, Rory discovers that her own future is more crucial, and dangerous, than she realized.


I can vividly picture all elements of the setting of the book, from the school courtyard to the giants’ front door. The writing is unique. It describes just enough of the setting to give me a picture without being boring or tedious. It is effective, powerful, and straightforward. The story appears lighthearted yet has a deeper side. Ever After School represents how Rory is becoming her own person. The characters are so realistic that I feel like I know them. Chase is a bully and a show off, and Rory hates Chase at first. However Chase helps Rory when she is least expecting it. They learn to tolerate each other and appreciate their differences. She also has challenges with her parents. She cannot relate to them or talk to them about what really matters to her. Lena is the best friend Rory has always wanted: she accepts Rory for who she is, even when she finds out about her famous parents.   Overall, Of Giants and Ice is one of the best books I have ever read. It is moving and engaging. Even though it is fantasy, it deals with real issues such as anger, bullies, friendships, family, bravery, and responsibility. I highly recommend that you read it for yourself.

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