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No Other Story is a light-hearted fantasy book about the Cheeseman family and a time machine.  They are trying to save their mother and wife, Olivia. They try to travel back in time to prevent her death, but they end up in Some Times instead. In Some Times, everything happens at once. The Cheesemans find dinosaurs and Egyptians living alongside Neanderthals and modern day New Yorkers. With the help of old friends and new friends, they attempt a daring escape from Some Times to save Olivia’s life.

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A Girl’s Guide to Fitting in Fitness describes how to exercise, eat right, and de-stress. It tells you how to set goals and be motivated to reach them. Quotes from real girls are included too. It also includes nutrition tips. You can learn how to make a fitness plan and track your progress. There are lots of yoga poses and exercises in it.  Some of them go with music. It tells you how to work out at a gym or at home. There are ideas for school days as well as for weekends and breaks. It gives tips  for getting up early. 

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When Rory passes people in the hallways, she can hear them whispering. She knows they are talking about her famous parents. No one cares about her as her own person. Rory is ready for her own identity! She gets this opportunity when she joins an after-school program called Ever After School. It is a school to train kids to be Characters in fairy tales. Rory is thrilled, but it is not all fun and easy. She has to deal with bullies, heavy swords, mean teachers, and even a real live dragon! The final test comes when she accompanies her new friend Lena on her tale.

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