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Earth Star
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Science Fiction
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Jarra Tell Morrath was just like any other human, a college history student. Nothing special. Nothing that could distinguish her from any other person on Earth. But one thing did stand out. Her disability. The "Handicapped," as they were called in the year of 2940, were another race of human, one with an immune system that was unable to survive on any other of the thousand or so planets the human race had populated. These so called "Handicaps," or more often humiliated as "apes," were known as a "burden to humanity" and "ugly, useless creatures." Even with these comments, Jarra had disguised herself with a military background, and as a "norm" (non-handicapped), she is eventually caught when revealed by her boyfriend on an exploration ship crash during a solar storm. Jarra and her boyfriend, Fian Eklund are drafted into the military under emergency circumstances under the Alien Contact Program. These measures are designed to take peaceful precautions to try to contact intelligent life forms outside of the human race. Jarra must try to overcome her social status and stop the extinction of the human race.


You know when you can't put down a book? When you are so immersed into the words that you aren't even conscious of reading? You feel you are there. I think that this book is one that defines that description. The author was very detailed, and I could picture everything and feel as though I was the characters.

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There is some kissing.

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