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First, Hanako had to try to be more American, but now she has to try to be more Japanese. Hanako's life wasn't so bad from the start.

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When We Were Brave follows three separate but similar stories of victims of the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II. There’s William Falk, a rogue SS officer seeking to disclose the horrors of the concentration camps to the U.S. so that they can infiltrate them and free the prisoners inside. Then, there’s Izaak Tauber, a young Jewish boy who is shuffled from camp to camp with his mother while separated from his father.

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Emma displays a personality of being peaceful and withdrawn. Up until this point, she has tried to stay quiet and out of other people’s business. But soon she finds out that her life is not ordinary. Being in the center of an old conflict amongst a group of deities called Eidolons is where she finds herself. Her primary job will be to ensure the protection of the planet. However, going through the process of awakening is what she must face. It would be simple is she knew what it was all about. All she knows is that she is very powerful.

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Once problems started to happen in the antediluvian nation of Greece, just a sacrifice of a youthful woman to Poseidon, the god of the sea, would appease his wrath. The land vibrated with earthquakes while the streams went on its course in a parched way, producing a famine throughout the kingdom. The king’s daughter, Thalassai, was then abducted by someone who was a representative for the town that was experiencing the disaster so that she could be used as the sacrifice.

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The Vietnam War, one of the first where news reporters were on the ground with the troops, sparked considerable controversy at home. Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers returned home to cries of "Baby killer," and their service wasn't honored the way it should've been. Edison High School sent the most teenage boys to the war of any high school in America. Sixty-four boys never returned home. Richard Sand interviewed several veterans and the families of those who gave their lives in service to our country, and he tells the stories of their lives and service.


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