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Sirius Soum de Gaia was a purebred Pyrenees Patou.  Bred for beauty and show-winning, he told the story of his life, starting with his earliest memories in the womb, jostling alongside his brothers and sisters, and following his life to adulthood, showing how he dealt with adversity, trials, and tribulation.  Ultimately, he searched for one thing in life: someone he could look up to.

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Dearie, the Deer is about a deer named Dearie that was born very weak. He soon recovered his health and was able to stand, but Dearie had another problem. He was very timid! He wouldn’t move when there was danger around him. One day the herd decided to make him leave so that he would learn to survive on his own. Without the herd, will Dearie learn to run away when there is danger, and defend himself when needed?

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The book Two for Joy is an amazing adventure seen through the eyes of a young girl named Jenna. It all starts when her great aunt, Tannie, falls off of a back porch step and breaks her ankle. After that, Jenna’s mom decides that Tannie needs to move in with them. However, this poses a problem when her aunt doesn’t want to go.

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Set in the future of our country, Vivica Wilkins, a fugitive, has to go into hiding. She decides to join the rebels so they can defeat the government. Her mother, a governor, has also been captured by the government for hiding Vivica, and somehow Vivica must get her out. Losing her dad at age four was hard, but seeing others killed because of her was even harder. Peacemakers, a group of people who wanted all Earth to act as one nation, see the movement of the rebels as a way persuade America into joining them.

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The story centers around two friends, Bobby and Tommy. Bobby realizes that Tommy is unhappy at times. He realizes that Tommy is often worried and anxious, and Bobby wants to help him.

Bobby wants Tommy to be happy and comfortable. He introduces Tommy to a new game. This game allows Tommy to defeat a dragon and conquer his fears. The game is a success!

Tommy is grateful that he has such a great friend like Bobby, and Bobby is proud that he could help him.

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Ben and Tyler are two seniors in high school. The two best friends participate in soccer and are inseparable. Ben is considered as an over thinker and is always about his own thoughts, but Tyler is a people person and everyone loves him. Over time, Ben starts to notice changes in Tyler`s behavior. For instance, he is disrespecting the coach and then he starts seeing a counselor. Then one day, Tyler expresses his emotions of confusion and harassment to Ben and reveals what has been traumatizing him for years.


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