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Road Rash
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
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When 17-year-old Zach Ryan gets picked as the new drummer in a popular local band, he quickly learns about the challenges that come with life on the road during their summer tour. Playing in small venues, the band Bad Habit deals with a bar brawl and a manager who won't pay them.

But the biggest problems come from within the band. Zach wants to start playing originals, like a great song written by Bad Habit's talented guitarist, but the lead singer has too much ego to listen. Zach is a sympathetic "nice guy" narrator who is trying to be a responsible band member, despite being its newest and youngest addition. He's also good at expressing the thrill of creating music.  Zach describes drumming, "You're the guy with his foot on the gas driving the whole thing. You're the one making people get up... and dance.”



I really enjoyed many parts of this book.  The love story in the book was really cute, but not overbearing! When I closed the book, I didn’t feel gypped; I didn’t feel like it was too much or too little.

I also liked the development of the band characters and the sense of camaraderie that developed through the story.  It made me want to join a band!  The author had talent in making me feel like I could be a part of the story. When I was reading this book, it made me feel like I could play the drums. It was a new experience for me that I really enjoyed. I thought the author did a great job making it easy for non-drummers to understand the book just as well as the hard-core drummers.

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Some kissing, slightly steamy scenes, and minor cursing, nothing too over the top but I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under 12 because of the content.




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