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Epic Kids is a book about a middle school boy named Jake. One day, three kids ask him to sit at their table and include him in their plans to skip school and go to a movie. Jake decides to go for it. He tells his mom that he isn't going to school tomorrow. She leaves him home alone the next day with a doctor's note to excuse him from school. After she leaves, Jake looks out the window, and his three new friends are in a car on his driveway. Jake is in for a day he never dreamed could be possible.

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K.I.D.S. Stuff: The Mostly, Probably True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad by Garrett Dane is an awesome, action-packed adventure about ordinary kids who have trained to do extraordinary things. They get to ride in or fly unique raft-ships with top-notch technology and equipment. They meet at a secret base and even use special gadgets that give them a chance to act like super-heroes. Each one has chosen to join one of the K.I.D.S. teams that patrol around the world after school, activities, and family life wind down. 

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Living past 17 and your deathdate is good right? Well, not if you're Denton Little, and it means being chased by the DIA (Death Invenstigation Agency) and having to possibly betray good friends, and your mom, who he just met, and who was supposed to be dead too. Can Denton run away from the DIA long enough for the news to settle down? Will the news ever settle down?

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Cat Mandoo was rescued by his human parents from an animal shelter. When he first arrived at their home, he was extremely shy and uneasy, but in no time, he settled into his new home. The stories that his human mother told him stirred his imagination, and he now has a dream to fly. Will his dream ever become a reality? 


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