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Calling all pirate lovers! Susan Weiner’s Pirates and Spooks, Beware! is a fantastic collection of 16 well-illustrated poems. They rhyme, make sense, and contain several poetic literary devices. Many of the poems have a refrain that makes them seem like a fun chant. They are detailed, and every one tells a good story.

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Limerick Comics is a book with limericks (a certain type of poem) illustrated in comic style that includes fun pictures. Not only is this book full of funny limericks, but it also has interesting pieces of information relating to each limerick! It's easy-to-read style makes it fun for any age! 

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Webster, the dog, has some bad experiences with owners. All of the owners have hurt him, both physically and mentally.

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Harley Quinn is known as the class clown at Super Hero High. She runs her own web series called Harley’s Quinntessentials and is obsessed with ratings and getting the scoop on the latest news ahead of serious teen journalist Lois Lane. The rest of her friends and classmates: Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Big Barda, Katana, Beast Boy, and The Flash help her out whenever possible, even when they grow tired of her practical jokes and hyper personality.


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