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The Truth Keeper is set during the Holocaust, and Fritz, a young Nazi boy is very passionate about being a good Aryan, but internally he thinks killing Jews and Communists is wrong; however, he has never told anyone that. 
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K.I.D.S Stuff: The Mostly, Probably True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad by Garrett Dane is a book about how kids protect themselves from all of the monsters lurking in the closet or under the bed.  K.I.D.S. stands for “Kids Imaginary Defense Squad” because the squad fights against anything that adults find imaginary.  The kids in this squad are children who have been trained in the art of fighting bogeymen, monsters-under-the-bed, drop bears, and many other monsters that kids fear. 

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Cat Mandoo likes to do tricks for his human parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joyful. He’ll hang upside down from chairs and do somersaults on top of the refrigerator. One time when he's on top of the fridge, he decides he would like to fly. He loves being up high and thinks he would like it better if he went even higher. He goes to his pear tree and asks the birds to teach him to fly, but they fly away and don’t come back until he is out of the tree.

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Other People’s Crazy by Gregory Fletcher is a book written from the point of view of a high school boy trying to fit in. The book introduces Brandon as an overweight boy who has some trouble making friends, and therefore he doesn’t try. On one particular day, Brandon goes outside to eat lunch, like he does every day, but this time, the smallest kid in class comes flying at him. With the help of a friend, Stuart (the boy who attacked Brandon) posts a video of the fight online.

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Living past 17 and your deathdate is good right? Well, not if you're Denton Little, and it means being chased by the DIA (Death Invenstigation Agency) and having to possibly betray good friends, and your mom, who he just met, and who was supposed to be dead too. Can Denton run away from the DIA long enough for the news to settle down? Will the news ever settle down?


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