Rad Girls Can review by 24belle_R
Rad Girls Can: Stories of Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Young Women (Rad Women)
by Miriam Klein Stahl, Kate Schatz
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Anthology
Five Star Award

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Rad Girls Can is a book about amazing young women who have stepped up in their communities and countries to make a difference. Rad Girls Can touches on 91 stories, some are short, a paragraph or two, and some are long, spanning two to three pages. The book also has stories about different ethnic groups, races, religions, and more! Some of the stories are about women many of us have heard of, like Anne Frank, Lorde, Ruby Bridges, Helen Keller, and others. Other stories are about women who most people haven't heard of, such as the Schimmel sisters, Tavi Gevinson, Andini "Ann" Makosinski, and many more! Rad Girls Can is an inspirational book about inspirational women who wanted to make a difference. 


I had a lot of fun reading Rad Girls Can. I learned about young women who have done so much for their world and they don't get their much-deserved appreciation. I felt the authors of Rad Girls Can did an amazing job with how they wrote, formatted, and illustrated the book. I could not put it down! One thing I would like to point out is that it does have some stories about transgender, and at the very beginning they shared a "Note on Gender" that talks about gender identity and other things related to that. This book is a great coming-of-age story that many girls (and boys) will love. 

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Content rating - some mature content

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Rad Girls Can contains transgender, gender identity things, and one story talks about HIV briefly.

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