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When We Were Brave tells of three very different characters and their very different stories of bravery during tragedy and hardship. With WWII as the backdrop, the three stories are each told from a unique point of view: through the eyes of a child, an SS officer, and a German-American. The child, Izaak, the son of a Jewish man, experiences the challenges of losing his father and then being sent to multiple concentration camps.

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The Truth Keeper is set during the Holocaust, and Fritz, a young Nazi boy is very passionate about being a good Aryan, but internally he thinks killing Jews and Communists is wrong; however, he has never told anyone that. 
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In the year 1966, Adam Jacobs, a 12-year-old Jewish boy, follows Sally Fletcher, a blonde, Catholic girl, home from school. Adam thinks Sally is the prettiest girl in the seventh grade, and he has a crush on her. If his dad, who is a Holocaust survivor figured this out, Adam would be in so much trouble. When he gets bullied for being Jewish, he doesn’t understand why he is being bullied. He wonders, “What is the difference between Jews and Catholics?”

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Rad Girls Can is a book about amazing young women who have stepped up in their communities and countries to make a difference. Rad Girls Can touches on 91 stories, some are short, a paragraph or two, and some are long, spanning two to three pages. The book also has stories about different ethnic groups, races, religions, and more! Some of the stories are about women many of us have heard of, like Anne Frank, Lorde, Ruby Bridges, Helen Keller, and others.

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What the Night Sings by Vesper Stamper tells the story of a Jewish girl named Gerta living through the Holocaust. Gerta doesn’t know that she is Jewish until one day, Nazi soldiers break into her family’s apartment and take her and her father to a concentration camp. Gerta ends up at a concentration camp called Auschwitz, and there she is separated from her father when he is taken to die. While at Auschwitz, Gerta plays her father’s viola in the Women’s Orchestra.


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