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by Alyssa Cooper
Age Range - Adult
Genre - Fiction

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Maya is a creature of the night, a predator that has a story to tell.  Her lover and master is Marek, the man that gave her a new beginning when she was at her end.  As these two grow closer, Maya discovers just how dangerous Marek’s family really is under the façade they have been living.  Unable to live as a true monster she does the one thing that will cause her to run from the past until her very death: Betray Marek. Maya is constantly on the run from her actions and during these tribulations meets a much damaged, uncaring, mundane Alec-  a human teenager that is in the process of grieving after losing both of his parents in an accident. Fortunately,  he meets the angel that nurses his pain and provides a salvation as Maya’s end nears.  Will Maya finally be able to stop running away from the man that torments her every day? Is Alec capable of wanting life instead of praying for death?  Will Marek achieve his revenge? 


As I first started reading this book, I was overwhelmed with the sadness of what had happened to Alec.  I do not know the feeling of losing a parent, but I do understand the emotion of loss and the author has vivid imagery expressing that emotion well.  That was one of my favorite things about this author; her writing has imagery that just paints deep feeling.  The author tends to have some grammatical issues here and there but overall I still loved the plot of the story.  It made me crave more and the fact that this book was divided into three parts added to my enjoyment.  With every new book,  there would be a different point of view and that allowed me to make more connections since I could have a better feel towards the character. This book has its flaws but it’s still a good story.

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Content rating - mature content

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Sexual acts occur through the story but there is nothing too explicit.

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