Alyssa Cooper
When Alec first met Maya, an unassuming girl in sunglasses and sandals, he had no way of knowing that she was a vampire. It's only as he falls in love with her that he realizes she might be something more than human. Maya was born on a small farm in the nineteenth century. It was there she met the man who would someday take away her humanity — and, as she reveals to Alec, the man who has chased her for a century, an ancient enemy seeking revenge. Together they fight for her survival, each desperately seeking their own salvation.

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  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Romance

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  • Adult
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When Alec first meets Maya he is very unsure of her. At the time he is in a relationship with a girl he doesn't love and he knows that he will never love her. But he doesn't break up with her because he would then feel all alone. After his parents died he had never felt more alone.

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Maya is a creature of the night, a predator that has a story to tell.  Her lover and master is Marek, the man that gave her a new beginning when she was at her end.  As these two grow closer, Maya discovers just how dangerous Marek’s family really is under the façade they have been living.  Unable to live as a true monster she does the one thing that will cause her to run from the past until her very death: Betray Marek.

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