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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - West Grove, Pennsylvania, United States
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Have you ever been on a quest, journey or adventure where you don't exactly know what you are looking for? Well if you have, then you are like Marcus and five other boys in Quendel who are going to go on a quest looking for the Rock of Ivanore. No one knows what the Rock of Ivanore is except Zyll who is a wizard in Quendel. Marcus is his apprentice in magic. When the boys leave the village they will find many surprises. They will find out a lot about themselves, their friends and their enemies that they could never have imagined.


This book was never tedious and the adventures never stopped. On every page there was a new surprise. This book has a little bit of everything adventure, fantasy, love, mystery, magic, war and more. It leaves you  in suspense and you never know what will happen next. Some books you know from the beginning what is going to happen but with this book that is not the case. I would highly recommend this book to kids who like fantasy and adventure books.

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This book was rated ages 8-12 and the only place where it is a little violent is during the war scenes at the end of the book.

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