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Protostar: An Epic Space Adventure Series (The Star-Crossed Saga)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Protostar is a book about seventeen-year-old Sydney who lives with her grandma in Madisonburg, Tennessee. Her life isn't very exciting and she hopes with all her heart that one day something interesting will happen. Finally, on her seventeenth birthday, her hopes are realized. An earthquake rocks the small town that she lives in. The earthquake alone isn't categorized as anything really exciting. But later that day, a mysterious stranger named William appears at the door of her house. He claims that he and his friends were in an accident and he was sent for help, but when Sydney drives him to the crash site, his friends are not there.

Sydney drives William back to her house and generously offers to let him stay until his friends or his parents come to pick him up. Even though she offered to let him stay, she is still wary of the fact that he is a stranger. Slowly, though, as the days wear on, she finds herself falling for him and can’t stop feeling that they were destined to meet. Who is this stranger and what is special about this earthquake? Find out in this sci-fi adventure, Protostar!


Romance books aren’t typically my thing. However, if I am basing my opinion just on the story and not on its romance aspects, this book was a good read. I especially liked all the cool gadgets that were added. For example, the hydrogen blasters were very creative. I liked that the author, Braxton A. Cosby, gave the characters a fairly solid background. The action sequences in this book were enjoyable and thrilling. Something about this book that I didn’t enjoy as much was that it lost my attention in certain spots.

If you like sci-fi and romance, this book is for you.

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Sydney accidentally comes into William's room while he is still changing.

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