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Jeremy Austin and the Paladin is the continuing story of the TerraGen kids and their quest to find their parents. In the last book, Jeremy, Patrick, Alex, Selene, Marissa, and Leo had discovered that TerraGen’s mission was not all that it seemed. The company claimed to have sent the children’s parents off to some island location in the middle of nowhere, but in fact had sent them to a completely new world millions of light-years away. Upon finding this out, the kids set off through the portal that led to this new world along with a group of hired guns to protect them.

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Stanley McKnight is a little banker in a big world in The Banker Who Died. Stanley used to work as a private banker for Goldman Sachs, but after his outstanding work there caught the attention of the heads of a rival bank, he is soon hired at Laville & Cie. Laville & Cie is a private bank based in Switzerland that caters only to the richest clientele. As such, doing well in their jobs can lead to big money for the bankers themselves. With great reward and prestige, though, comes great risk. As the bank only works with the ultra-rich, the job can be quite dangerous.

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