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The Maker is a book about thirteen-year-old Nate Smith. Nate’s parents are divorced, and the last time he saw his dad was six months ago. He knows he hasn’t been forgotten, though, because about two months after his dad left, he was sent a binder to put his drawings in. Attached to it was a note, “Your father would want you to have this. Put the good ones in here.” That was the day the visions started. 

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Blowback ’63 is the continuing story of Arky and Iris on their quest to rescue their mother from the past. It’s been five months since Matt returned from the Carlisle Indian School and 1907, but the twins haven’t made any progress toward finding their mother. Iris is determined to figure out the secrets of their family’s magical cor anglais, or English horn, that has the power to send people back in time. She is certain that the magical instrument is the key to finding their mother. 

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“Never let them take you. No matter what happens, stay away from Cartaxus.” 

Those are the last words that Catarina Agatta heard from her father before he was taken from her by the agency known as Cartaxus. That was about two years ago.

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