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Blowback ’63 is the continuing story of Arky and Iris on their quest to rescue their mother from the past. It’s been five months since Matt returned from the Carlisle Indian School and 1907, but the twins haven’t made any progress toward finding their mother. Iris is determined to figure out the secrets of their family’s magical cor anglais, or English horn, that has the power to send people back in time. She is certain that the magical instrument is the key to finding their mother. 

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A Dangerous Magic is a book about a fifteen-year-old sorcerer, Frank Sampson.  The story is set in old time England, and sorcerers are hated by just about everyone, which makes normal day-to-day things hard for Frank to do without getting singled out and beaten up.  Things are about to get much harder for Frank, though.  As the junior forensic sorcerer on the police force, he gets called in to examine some weird things, but what comes next is a first.  After being retrieved by a girl with certain abilities named Marvell, he walks in the door of where the victim was found

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Going Too Far is the third installment in the Kylxon Chronicles series, and so far, we have found that Mr. Memmer and Mrs. Wamdoffer are working together to steal Kanata’s (Mrs. Wamdoffer’s adopted granddaughter’s) inheritance. Pack and Sydney have been successful up until now helping Kanata, and they are ready for a little break. 

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Bucket of Fish is a book about Walter Jenkins and his best friend George Bailey. They are normal kids for 1934; they struggle to get by on the little money they have. As such, Walter fishes as much as he can so that his family doesn’t have to buy food.  It is on one such occasion that he is coming back with tons of fish. On his way home, he passes by a dumpster and sees a pair of nice new shoes. Wondering why someone would throw them out, he tries to pick them up and bring them with him, but he stops short.

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