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Dragons & Magic
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 13
Reviewer's Location - Butte, Montana, United States
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Dragons & Magic revolves around a beautiful girl named Syn, who is a fairie in a fantasy world. She doesn't understand how valuable she is to their people around her and often runs away. She doesn't believe that she could be good with two parents as awful as hers. Her mother, the Chaos Witch, and her father, Silas, have never shown any affection towards her or anyone else. When Syn is kidnapped by an evil vampire who strives to make her his, she uncovers the awful plan to get Morgan, the part-vampire she loves, killed. She doesn't realize that a war is coming upon them, a three-way war that will determine what rule the kingdom goes under. Dragons & Magic is a book that is sarcastic and sometimes very humorous as it follows the path of Syn.


My opinion on this book was that is was rather confusing and didn't show much detail. The book changed constantly to different characters' perspectives, making the plot difficult to follow. Overall, once you got used to the constant changes of view, Dragons & Magic was a very interesting book. I wouldn't call it a "page-turner" though since it was rather boring towards the end and had many confusing moments in it.

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There were some moments in the book where it was a bit inappropriate for younger ages. Syn was very beautiful and stubborn and there were many men fighting over her, often doing cruel things that hurt Syn.

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