Dragons & Magic
Dragons & Magic
Dragons & Magic
Syn Seifer has never been one for confrontation or problems despite the faerie's capacity to turn into a dragon, she would much rather fly away from her problems until they go away. Yet this time it isn't an option. Syn must learn to deal with her problems and face reality and its ugly truths or risk losing the friendship of her dear friends Morgan and Byrant. It doesn't help that she has a crush on Morgan d'Ernos whose heart belongs to the corrupt and vile princess Cinder. Yet Syn is the only one that truly knows the evils of this girl’s heart. In order to protect Morgan, however, she hasn't said a word. However, some secrets aren't meant to be kept. Syn Seifer must learn how to be brave or watch as her friends go down in the flames of destruction.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Dragons & Magic revolves around a beautiful girl named Syn, who is a fairie in a fantasy world. She doesn't understand how valuable she is to their people around her and often runs away. She doesn't believe that she could be good with two parents as awful as hers. Her mother, the Chaos Witch, and her father, Silas, have never shown any affection towards her or anyone else. When Syn is kidnapped by an evil vampire who strives to make her his, she uncovers the awful plan to get Morgan, the part-vampire she loves, killed.

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