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Shades of Blue
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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In Shades of Blue, Joyce Scarbrough tells about friends Sam and JoJo, who go on a journey to prove Sam's abusive stepfather, Russ, guilty for his crimes. This realistic fiction book is set in the present day in a town and features two teenagers, a boy named Sam and a girl named JoJo. Sam and JoJo have been friends since they were five years old. A bully, Chip Wiley, bullies Sam and JoJo. Sam, being the braver of the two, protects JoJo, but they have other things to worry about. Russ attacks them both, and they need to find proof to where Sam's real father went. To find out more, read Shades of Blue today.



I would highly recommend this thrilling book. I liked it because there was a lot of adventure and many cliffhangers. The adventure involves Sam and JoJo, who go on a journey to put Sam's abusive stepfather in prison. The story was well-written. I didn't want to put it down! Because of the mature subjects, I would recommend this book to kids ages 13 and up.

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Fairly strong sexual themes

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