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Genre - Adventure
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SCAN is a book about a boy named Tate who lives with his father.  In Tate's opinion, he is always doing his best at everything, but his father always wants more.  One day, he breaks into his dad's lab to have some quiet time with his girlfriend, Christina.  While in his dad's lab, he discovers a device he knows nothing about.  Not knowing what it truly is, he takes it to school with him and later gives it to Christina.  While at school, Tate’s dad comes and confronts him with the fact that he knew Tate broke into his lab and took something.  At the same moment, police start pouring into the school.  

Tate’s father demands that Tate give him the scanner.  Tate takes his father to Christina and gives it back to him.  That’s when the police start chasing Tate, his father, and Christina.  Then tragedy strikes.  After they almost make it into Tate’s father’s car, his dad gets shot.  When Tate and Christina drag his father into the car, his dad starts explaining why he has been so hard on Tate.  He reveals that there is an alien race on earth called the H2 and that most of the population is actually H2, even though they don’t know it.  He also tells them that the scanner tells H2 from human.   

This is the story of Tate’s and Christina’s mission to find his mother and find out why aliens want this scanner so badly.


I thought SCAN was an excellent book.  It was very adventurous with descriptive wording.  I thought it was clever the way the authors made it seem so real.  I also really liked that they left it open for a second book.  The one thing I disliked about it is that it had a ton of bad words.  My favorite character was Tate because he is so smart about almost everything and he tries his best at everything he does.  I am going to give this book five out of five stars, but hopefully with the next book there won’t be so many bad words.  I would recommend this book to ages twelve and up because there are lots of bad words, some death, and other mature content.

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Content rating - some mature content

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Lots of bad words, some death, and other mature content

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