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Middle-School Cool
by Maiya Williams
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Middle School Cool is about a few kids in a small town called Horsemouth, New Hampshire.  Every adult in Horsemouth is invited to a presentation about a free private school (with light refreshments included).  The presentation is given by a man named Dr. Kaboom saying it is going to be great, so he convinces some of the parents to let their kids go to the private school.  At the school, the kids are made to do the name game to learn everyone’s names, (but is not necessary because they all know each other).  Eventually the kids get used to the school.  One of the kids wants to interview Dr. Kaboom for the school newspaper, but the secretary won‘t let her do it. Once the girl is sent away two times she gets so mad that she snoops around Dr. Kaboom’s office, but does not find much.  She keeps looking and finds something cool, but I will not tell you, you have to read this amazing book yourself to find out.


Although the beginning was a bit dull, I still loved this funny, amazing book and hope Maiya Williams will keep writing more great books just like this one.  For example, I liked when some of the adults wondered how the flyers for the school got under their windshield wipers when they were parked in their garages.  The characters were funny.  They got put into a setting that showed that kids do not like school.  I agree with one of the characters whose name is Leo.  Schools just do not have accommodations for blind kids, and I hope schools will listen up and make things easier for blind kids everywhere.  Another character that I liked was Ruben because everyone thinks he is a bully, but he’s really a softie at heart and likes to dance.  The last two characters that I want to talk about are Aliya and Taliya.  Aliya and Taliya are twins and used to be connected at birth, so they know what the other twin is thinking without talking.  This is a great book and I would say boys and girls ages 8 and up will love it.

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some bad attitude, being hypnotized, and a bully, but nothing bad.




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