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Edge Anomaly: The Spirit of Crescent Island is a book following Edge, a 12-year-old Forax, and her friends on a harrowing adventure across the land of Marrow. All her life, Edge believed that she and her mother, Mana, were the only creatures capable of speech. She studied the Insects with her mother for her whole life, never knowing or caring about the world outside of their tiny bubble.

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Jeremy Austin and the Paladin is the continuing adventure of Jeremy Austin and the other TerraGen kids that came to planet Genesis. Ever since entering Genesis, the TerraGen kids have faced nothing except hardships and death. Now, the stakes are getting even higher. With the Shadow Lord aware of Jeremy being on Genesis and the Paladin having arrived, the Shadow Lord is sending his armies after Jeremy and his companions. Along the way, the kids eventually split up after an incident, putting the kids in even more danger than ever before.