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Awakening: Hope Trilogy (Volume 1)
by Lauren Ashley
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 16
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Emma is a teenage girl who is quiet and shy. She hates being in the spotlight and would rather hide in the shadows. However, she soon learns she is not who she thinks she is. It all starts when a new guy named Connor moves to town. After hanging out with Connor and her friends at a lake, Connor tries to kill her.   Luckily, her friend Griffin saves her and kills Connor before he can kill Emma. From there on, her life took a crazy turn. Sarah, her best friend, Griffin, a lady named Kendra, a guy named Sebastion, and her old crush, Jordan, are all her protectors and teachers. She is a being known as the One, and her spirit has been passed down through different bodies for hundreds of years. Her protectors and teachers spirits have also been passed down over time so that they have always been with her. But her enemies’ spirits have also followed her. She went from a normal teenage life to being thrown into the middle of an ancient war and now has to save the world.



I enjoyed this book a lot. It had a good mixture of fighting, love, and intensity.  The plot was well written and it kept me interested. There were no boring parts that I had to push myself through. All of the characters had a point in the story and none of them were there for no reason. This book left me waiting for the next one to come out. It was overall a fast-paced book which I really enjoy. There was at least one fight scene in every other chapter. Awakening was a bold, amazing story about breaking out of your shell.

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The only thing that happens in\s some kissing and some violence., but there is nothing sexual or sensual.

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