Awakening (Hope Trilogy #1)
Awakening: Hope Trilogy (Volume 1)
Awakening (Hope Trilogy #1)
Lauren Ashley
To everyone, Emma is an ordinary teenager —a forgetable figure to most. But, little do they know that she is about to experience an awakening after centuries of being kept in the dark when fate finally chooses to call upon her and reveal the secret behind her existence. A descendent of godlike beings known as the El-ahren, Emma is both stunned and terrified when she learns she not only possesses special gifts and extraordinary powers, but is also destined to save the world. However, pitted against an evil alliance determined to destroy her and any good left on this earth, Emma finds it a struggle just to stay alive. Joined by those commissioned to protect her, she must search for others like her in order to fulfill her destiny and prevent the resurrection of evil. The first book in the Hope Trilogy by Lauren Ashley, Awakening is an intense page-turning epic fantasy that exposes myths and legends as it explores the compelling theme of good versus evil. With a skillfully crafted plot involving love, tragedy, betrayal, and sacrifice, it promises to take readers on a suspenseful journey of twists, turns, and heart-stopping surprises. Fans of the Twilight Saga and Hunger Games will not be disappointed.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Paranormal

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  • 12 and up
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Emma is shy. She keeps to herself and tries to stay out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, the spotlight would prefer to shine directly on her. She learns that she is from a special bloodline, meant to fullfil a prophecy. She must find her way even when no one can give her the answers. With the help of her friend Sarah, her boyfriend Jordan, Sebastian, Kiana, and mysterious Griffin, Emma must solve the mystery.

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Emma has always been quiet and shy. She tries to stay in the shadows and out of the way. But of course, her life can never be normal. Soon she is thrown into the middle of an ancient war between Eidolons. She has to basically save the world. But first she must be awakened.

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Emma is a teenage girl who is quiet and shy. She hates being in the spotlight and would rather hide in the shadows. However, she soon learns she is not who she thinks she is. It all starts when a new guy named Connor moves to town. After hanging out with Connor and her friends at a lake, Connor tries to kill her.   Luckily, her friend Griffin saves her and kills Connor before he can kill Emma. From there on, her life took a crazy turn. Sarah, her best friend, Griffin, a lady named Kendra, a guy named Sebastion, and her old crush, Jordan, are all her protectors and teachers.

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Awakening, by Lauren Ashely, is the story of how a quiet, average girl named Emma learns that she is not who she thinks she is. This story begins when a hot, new guy moves to town named Connor. Connor immediately takes interest on her and begins to hit on her. They begin to see each other and end up going to a lake with their friends. They move away from the rest of the group, and he gives her a gift, a bracelet with a little crystal in the middle. She thought was that it was a normal bracelet, until the jewel started to glow.

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This story is about a girl named Emma, a teen who is quiet and very shy. She despises being in the spotlight and would rather reside in the shadows, but this is not possible. She soon learns she is not who she thinks she is. Everything changes when a new guy named Connor moves to town.

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Emma displays a personality of being peaceful and withdrawn. Up until this point, she has tried to stay quiet and out of other people’s business. But soon she finds out that her life is not ordinary. Being in the center of an old conflict amongst a group of deities called Eidolons is where she finds herself. Her primary job will be to ensure the protection of the planet. However, going through the process of awakening is what she must face. It would be simple is she knew what it was all about. All she knows is that she is very powerful.

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