Awakening (Hope Trilogy #1) review by DJ_RESH_RESH
Awakening: Hope Trilogy (Volume 1)
by Lauren Ashley
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Emma has always been quiet and shy. She tries to stay in the shadows and out of the way. But of course, her life can never be normal. Soon she is thrown into the middle of an ancient war between Eidolons. She has to basically save the world. But first she must be awakened. It would be easier if she actually knew what that meant. All that she knows is that she has a lot of power and she has to go find other people. It's all given to her in a prophecy. With the help of her boyfriend, Jordan, and her other friends, she must find a way to overcome obstacles and stop the age old war.


I really did enjoy this book. It was like a breath of fresh air. I felt as if the plot was really well-explained since it was the first time I was reading about a subject like this and everything came together well. The one thing I didn't like about this book was how repetitive the author was. Literally, Griffin stomped out of the room once in every chapter, and sometimes for no reason at all. It was really hard to relate to Griffin because he was mysterious and extremely angry all the time. Although I have to say Griffin was my favorite character. I liked his dark attitude, it brought a unique touch to the story. Jordan was probably my least favorite character. He was too perfect. He was super sweet and amazing, which annoyed me. I mean the guy seemed like he had no faults at all! On the other hand, I loved Emma because she was really relatable. I was able to understand most of her actions and I really love how she broke out of her shell towards the end. My other favorite part of the story was the action. The book overall was really fast-paced and there was a fight scene in every other chapter. The last thing I liked about this book was how emotional it was. I mean one moment I’m laughing and the next I’m crying. This book was amazing overall and I couldn't put it down.

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Some kissing and some violence.




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