Awakening (Hope Trilogy #1) review by mail4chase
Awakening: Hope Trilogy (Volume 1)
by Lauren Ashley
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Awakening, by Lauren Ashely, is the story of how a quiet, average girl named Emma learns that she is not who she thinks she is. This story begins when a hot, new guy moves to town named Connor. Connor immediately takes interest on her and begins to hit on her. They begin to see each other and end up going to a lake with their friends. They move away from the rest of the group, and he gives her a gift, a bracelet with a little crystal in the middle. She thought was that it was a normal bracelet, until the jewel started to glow. He looked at her and said, “You’re the one… I’ve waited so long to kill you.” And he almost succeeded in doing so, except Griffin, the quiet, weird, scary guy from school slammed into Connor, began to fight him, and then killed him. Before Connor was killed, Emma blacked out and when she awoke, she was back in her aunt’s house. From there on, her life took a crazy turn. Sarah, her best friend, Griffin, a lady named Kendra, a guy named Sebastion, and her old crush, Jordan, are all her protectors and teachers. She is a being known as the One, and her spirit has been passed down through different bodies for hundreds of years. Her protectors and teachers beings have also been passed down with her over time. Along with her and her protectors’ spirits being passed into new bodies over time, so have her enemies’ spirits. These enemies, called Others, are out to kill her and those helping her. Their goal is to stop her from awakening the “sleeping” beings of the Chimeran, the great leaders of the old society, each of whom has unimaginable power. It is up to Emma to awaken all these Chimeran and restore their power, as well as fight off those who want her and her friends dead. Can she do it, or will she fail and the Chimeran all die?


Awakening was a phenomenal book. It had a very good mixture of fighting, love, and intensity. The storyline was well written and kept me interested and there were no boring parts that I struggled to get through. Lauren did a great job of explaining each character and how they fit into the story, each character had a mission and a point, and none of them were there for no reason. I am very excited for the next book to come out, for while this story ended well, it left room for a lot more. I am sure Lauren will pull through and come out with another amazing book that will create just as much suspense and intensity as the last one, if not more. I am looking forward to read the next one and I plan on rereading this one. Anyone who enjoys magic, fiction, love, fighting, or just a good book should definitely look into reading Awakening.

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The only thing that happens in\s some kissing, but there is nothing sexual or sensual.




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