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The Vow
by Jessica Martinez
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 15
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The two main characters, Mo and Annie, are in trouble when Mo’s family is faced with moving back to Morocco. They’ve been inseparable for years, through Mo’s first couple months in the States and Annie’s recovery from the fate of her sister. These friends are close, but neither could ever think of the other romantically. However, they may need to change that if they want to keep Mo from leaving. The fine lines between right and wrong, loved and caged, and selfishness and independence are shown throughout the story.


This story’s characters were well thought-out. As I was reading, I could identify the different personalities of each individual. The message was strong as well; you definitely saw the ideas she was touching on, like love and selfishness. It was a good novel; I would recommend it to others, but it wasn’t a page turner. The story didn’t have the excitement that you would get from one. The ending was lacking for me, only because of the quickness it came about. I would have enjoyed it more if the emotions behind the decision at the end were explained or elaborated a little more. I would, however, re-read this book. Others should read it for the great story yet seriousness that Jessica Martinez puts into each situation.

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The story does include situations pertaining to racism, but nothing malicious. Also, some sexual references are in the novel, but nothing that would offend a reader.

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