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The book, Ugo and Jack 2 authored by Geoff Parton, is a smooth continuation of the first book but with new characters, events, and circumstances.

Ugo, the spiritual guide, reappears in Jack's life so that the boy can continue his mission to help people on earth. However, Jack didn't remember anything about the events he experienced with Ugo. But that did not prevent them from feeling a strong connection with each other because Ugo was always around to watch after Jack.

In the first part of the book, Ugo helps Jack remember everything that happened to him after the boy fell and hit his head on a rock. Along with that, Ugo explains even more important things than Jack knew before.

In the second part of the book, Jack travels between different dimensions with Ugo and carries out vital missions. After all, at stake is the freedom of Jack's nephews, who live in a parallel dimension and try to tie their lives to crime. Also, Jack will be transported into the 1840s of his previous life and try to save the residents of the mining town from unpleasant incidents.

In this book, Jack will have to courageously follow Ugo's guidelines and listen to the voice of his heart because the well-being of many people depends on it.


As expected, the second book in the Ugo and Jack series is as wonderful as the first in its beauty, uniqueness, fascinating plot, and profound meaning. An undeniable advantage of the book is that its plot will be clear to those who have not read the first book.

It should be noted that the descriptions of the nature, events, and emotions of the characters were vivid, and my imagination easily drew me a picture of what was happening on the pages.
It is interesting that the author, in both the first and the second books, uses dream as a tool to influence the human subconscious. This is a great idea because it is through dreams that our subconscious can communicate with us without any blocks.

In this book, Ugo begins to appear and interact more with the external material world. At the beginning of the book, he appears as an invisible friend of Jack, which gave me one thought. Since children have a better connection with the spirit world, it is quite possible that their imaginary friends may be their spiritual mentors and guardians.

And Jack was more active in expressing thoughts and influencing the plot, which indicates his growth as a character. The boy is ready to do everything in his power to make others feel good, which shows his big and brave heart.

There are also side characters in the book, whose actions were no less interesting to watch. 

With the quote "...everything has to be balanced", the author has perfectly highlighted the moral and several other important lessons of the book.
First, if you don't realize, in time, that you are on the wrong path of life and think that  you will go unpunished for your bad deeds, this can lead to severe consequences.
Second, people's greed and excessive thirst for money often leads to the loss of humanity.
Third, you don't have to be afraid to do the right; the main thing is to believe in yourself and courageously go toward your goal.

It would be wonderful if everyone could meet their spiritual guide and feel a connection with them at least once. Then, we would see a completely different world that is full and bright.

I definitely recommend this book to those who have read the first book and have become sympathetic to it. The book is full of unpredictable events, wisdom, and valuable knowledge that will help the reader to better understand how to interact with the world and how to stay in harmony with oneself and other people. 

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Content rating - some mature content

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