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This is a story about a dog named Nici who is looking for a human to take care of him, and in return, Nici will treat this person with devotion. It all starts on Christmas Eve, where in the sheepfold, Nici along with his beloved puppies and other dogs were waiting for this fierce winter night to end. In search of protection, a little boy also joined their company. The boy is the son of Nici's owner, and for both of them, the dog is ready to give his life.

The book, Ugo and Jack 2 authored by Geoff Parton, is a smooth continuation of the first book but with new characters, events, and circumstances.

Ugo, the spiritual guide, reappears in Jack's life so that the boy can continue his mission to help people on earth. However, Jack didn't remember anything about the events he experienced with Ugo. But that did not prevent them from feeling a strong connection with each other because Ugo was always around to watch after Jack.

The book Ugo and Jack, authored by Geoff Parton, tells us about an unusual friendship between a boy named Jack and a friendly spirit creature named Ugo. Jack is an ordinary country boy who lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere in a dysfunctional family. The truth is that he didn't guess that something, however, made him different from the others: the ability to see things that are closed to the eyes of most people.

In the book Sounds Like Love, the author, Laura Ford, tells the story about the ability of a Little creature to make a Big difference in human life. Moreover, the book shows the limitless human strength, able to withstand the blows of fate, on the way to becoming the best version of yourself. One of the key events that changed the life of a 19-year-old girl named Wendy was the loss of her beloved grandmother. She was the only person who understood Wendy, who she could open up to, and who she could confide in.

The book 926 Raindrops - Gift of the Wild was written by Gloria Straube, who is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a strong-willed woman, and a passionate advocate for voiceless animals. The author tells the story of her life in the book, so it  belongs to the non-fiction genre. Gloria's story is written in stages, beginning with her childhood, chapter by chapter, and the author reveals her personality, making it easier for the reader to feel what the author went through and understand the motives for her actions.

Even long-familiar characters can find their place and come to life in a new, fascinating story that ignites the reader's imagination, as happened in the cozy Christmas book, A Christmas Love Story: Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina. This book, authored by Maureen McCabe, tells you the story about two Christmas ornaments, Nicholas Nutcracker and Brittany Ballerina, who were generally satisfied with life but desperately wanted to find their true love, about friends who tried to help them achieve this aim, and about the obstacles that happened along the way.