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The book Ugo and Jack, authored by Geoff Parton, tells us about an unusual friendship between a boy named Jack and a friendly spirit creature named Ugo. Jack is an ordinary country boy who lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere in a dysfunctional family. The truth is that he didn't guess that something, however, made him different from the others: the ability to see things that are closed to the eyes of most people.

Jack was hiding from all his problems in a very picturesque valley with all sorts of natural treasures. Even though getting there was no easy task, Jack most liked to rest there from the endless errands on the farm, from problems at school, or just looking for peace and mental balance. This is the so-called place of power and connection for the boy where he met Ugo.
Right there, his journey into the transit dimension to the spiritual world begins where his superpowers are revealed.

The first part of the book focuses on Jack's acquaintance with the world of spirits and the comprehension of unknown things that Ugo will tell him.
The second part of the book focuses on the Ugo and Jack's teamwork, and their attempt to change people's lives for the better.

You have to find out whether Jack can save his family from an unfortunate fate, whether Jack will cope with his new role, and whether he will understand the true nature of things. After all, the world can show us much more than we can see and comprehend.


Ugo and Jack is a wonderful book in which the material and spiritual dimensions are intertwined, but in fact they always go hand in hand. I was able to completely move into the world of the book, and it made me feel as special as Jack. 

The descriptions of the environment were eloquent, so it was not difficult at all to imagine as if I was there myself. The events described in the book take place in the 1950s, so children will be able to compare times and draw useful conclusions for themselves.

As for Ugo, despite his unusual appearance, I find him a wise and patient mentor who was always ready to help Jack. And Jack, in turn, had a kind heart and a calm nature; furthermore, gaining the ability to see more, he used it only for good. Although Jack's family was dysfunctional, it was emotional wounds and problems in life that prevented them from showing love and care.

The book left me with pleasant feelings from the fact that the author explained important things in a simple way and answered questions that I asked myself many times. I have always believed that there is a light force next to us that always protects us from trouble, helps us to believe in ourselves, and tells us not to give up. If I had read this book as a child, I would not have been afraid to think and talk about another dimension (death), and I would have known that each person is special and  important to the world. A quote from a book that can take away such fear if you remember it: "You are the spirit; the body is only the vehicle". 

Unfortunately, unlike children, it's harder for adults to grasp the connection to the spiritual dimension. Most of them do not believe in miracles that the world can give us, but you just have to open up and allow the world to do so. An important lesson for the reader will be that everything in the world has a reason that rarely lies on the surface. In order to understand the actions of people, you need to look at the root of it, which is never easy, but the main thing is to have the desire to do it.

The book is suitable for middle school children and adults alike because everyone has something to absorb from it.  I especially recommend reading it to people who are going through hard times, feel different from everyone else, or want to better understand how our world works.

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