Geoff Parton

My name is Geoff Parton,
I live in Huonville Tasmania.

At the age of 72, I surprised my self by writing books for the first time and then getting them published.
I have always wanted to write my story in a children’s book form. 
There are four books so far, three of which are still to be released…..Titled ...Ugo and Jack

I feel the series Ugo and Jack will be beneficial to children in schools as it encourages them to wonder, ( what if ).
This way of thought then brings about ( thinking out of the box ).
The series was written for all children, but particularly those who may have a serious medical issues, also children that may have lost someone close to them.

The series of Ugo and Jack books are full of exciting adventures for any reader - they are uplifting and give purpose to life, when sometimes there seems there isn’t any.
The first book of the series Ugo and Jack was released 25th Feb 2021 by Olympia Publishing London.

In my life, I have had many, what may seem to others unusual experiences. While this book is not about me, I can relate to most of what Jack is going through. 

Lots of children have problems at home and I want them to never give up as there is always something better. 

The unknown is just that, until it is not; it is then that we see it for what it is, reality. 

My wife and I chose to live in Tasmania for several reasons, but for the most part we find it essential to be close to nature to get any sense of spiritual connection. 





Geoff Parton


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