Geoff Parton

My name is Geoff Parton,
I live in Huonville Tasmania.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am 72, I have always wanted to write my story in a children’s book form. 
Recently I have managed to find the time to write 7 books, 2 of which are more suitable for adults and are yet to be released. 
The series of 5 adventure books called,
Ugo and Jack, are suitable for ages 8 to 14

The books have been published by Olympia Publishers London, 
Book one was released on the 25th February 2021, book 2 was released on the 25th June 2021 by Olympia Publishers London.

Below tells a little about the story,
Ugo and Jack. 

In book one Jack lives on a farm in rural Australia in the 1950s, like many children Jack lives in an unhappy dysfunctional family. Jack's only refuge is his escape to a hidden pristine valley nearby the farm, where he often goes camping and swimming.
On one occasion in the valley, while playing, he slips and falls on a mossy rock by his favorite swimming hole.
Whilst unconscious, he's transported to a spiritual dimension, there he enters a world filled with all types of wonderful friendly characters. While there, he experience’s a host of unexpected possibilities, he meets Ugo, a lovable large character who tells him that they are and always have been very old friends.
Ugo shows Jack how to make changes to his physical life back on the farm.
When Jack recovers and returns to his life on the farm, he thinks that Ugo and everything else that happened while he was unconscious, was just a dream or in his imagination.
He soon realizes that everything that happened was and is real.
That's when Jack's adventure begins. 
Jack’s experience helps him understand the real meaning of life and will definitely help children that may seem a bit lost so to speak.

A little about my background.
I was born in 1948 north of Sydney,
In those days, Duffy's Forest where we lived was mostly untouched bush with a few scattered houses. 
It bordered Ku-ring-gai Chase a large area of almost 15000 hectares of bushland. Today it is a National Park, but in those days it was just natural bush for anybody to explore. 
Meandering right through the middle of the park is Cowan creek, a beautiful tributary of the Hawkesbury River. 
Living on a farm that bordered this enormous bush land was fantastic, somehow it seemed as though it all belonged to me! 
In those days, as a kid, I felt like an explorer as nobody else had penetrated deep into these areas for well over a hundred years or even at all, it was fascinating for me. 

A six hour walk from the farm to Cowan Creek brought me to a place called Duffy's Wharf, it had been derelict for over 100 years, with just part of an old sign left, which read, ring bell for ferry. 

On the farm in the late 40s and early 50s there was virtually no communication. My father drove an old Essex truck that continually broke down. We didn't have electricity or a phone, television was unheard of, but we did have a radio. which was every thing to me. 
Because I was free to use my imagination I became open to all possibilities, some people may just call it imagination, but I know differently.

This closeness to nature, enabled me to handle death and tragedy in a realistic way.
A lack of education turned out to be my greatest asset, as it helped me to open my ‘special door, to the spirit world.
I am not religious, but I know there is more than just the physical world we are in at the moment. 

With this back ground and 72 years of, dare I say it, wisdom, I have been able to write the series of 5, children’s adventure books, 
The series of 5 books have been released by Olympia Publishers London.

I believe that unfortunately most children have little or no spiritual teaching.
The series Ugo and Jack, are full of adventure and excitement, they are also full of hidden (in plain view,) positive lessons giving purpose to life, when sometimes there seems there isn’t any.
I have limited knowledge of the internet and am struggling with the publicity side of things, but have had some very good reviews.
I just thought I would submit my work if you are interested. I can be found on Facebook 
Ugo and Jack@ujffv

Please email me or call 0437973253.




Geoff Parton


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