Ugo and Jack: Book 2
Ugo and Jack: Book 2

Following book 1, Jack is tasked with another assignment to save his nephews, who he didn't know he had, from a possible life of crime. Jack discovers there are many different dimensions and he is now, with Ugo's help, able to move freely between them.

Part 2... Jack is sent on another assignment back in so called time to save a mining town from imminent disaster.

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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In this second story of the series, Jack becomes more aware of his role as a spiritual being. Just like in book 1, Jacks learns from his spiritual guide Ugo, but this time Jack takes on the role of becoming a spiritual guide himself. First, he is introduced to his two nephews. Jack is given the task of befriending them and to stop them from falling into a life of crime. This is no easy task because Jack cannot share his secret and must act like a normal child.

The book, Ugo and Jack 2 authored by Geoff Parton, is a smooth continuation of the first book but with new characters, events, and circumstances.

Ugo, the spiritual guide, reappears in Jack's life so that the boy can continue his mission to help people on earth. However, Jack didn't remember anything about the events he experienced with Ugo. But that did not prevent them from feeling a strong connection with each other because Ugo was always around to watch after Jack.

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